• Stay informed, have input in and be involved in the changing environment relating to Supervision across the various professions
  • Meet on a regular basis with likeminded people from various professional backgrounds such as facilitation, training, counselling, coaching, psychology, psychotherapy and professions associated around these designations in a challenging and safe environment
  • Full membership entitles you to (in most instances) participate in professional development days at no charge  
  • Be stretched into trying out new ways of thinking and performing professionally
  • Be engaged with discussions on ethical issues
  • Peer group support for your professional work; AAOS members provide good sounding boards and opportunities to network
  • The AAOS website is increasingly used by organisations and individuals looking for Supervisors

Additional benefits coming soon such as:

  • Members only ‘KNOWLEDGE BASE’ section
  • Free promotion of members events, PD days and training courses