What is Supervision?

AAOS defines supervision as a contractual, relational, collaborative process, which facilitates the ethical and professional practice of the supervisee.
AAOS further defines supervision as a professional contracted relationship between a trained supervisor and a practitioner.  Supervision is an opportunity for the supervisee to reflect on their practice to gain a broader perspective, opening up a space in which to discover possibilities for personal and professional growth.
The supervisor provides a space to ensure the supervisee is accountable to the personal and professional standards of their profession.

Mann im Gesprch mit Frau

Supervision interrupts practice. It wakes us up to what we are doing.

When we are alive to what we are doing, we wake up to what is, instead of falling asleep in the comfort stories of our clinical routines and daily practice.  The supervisory voice acts as an irritator interrupting repetitive stories (comfort stories) and facilitating the creation of new stories.  

(Sheila Ryan, 2004)