Notes from presentations, papers, articles and book chapters you may find useful:

Benefits of a Horizontal (sibling) Perspective in Supervision
Creative Supervision
Existential Perspective on Supervision
Supervision Questions – Checklist
Models of Supervision and Coaching
Transformative Supervision
Supervision as Re-authoring Conversation




Benefits of a Horizontal (sibling) Perspective in Supervision

In 3 workshops for AAOS in 2016, Servaas van Beekum, drs, presented insights into the vertical (oedipal) paradigm, which has become the dominant perspective in psychotherapy, coaching and supervision. He then presented insights into the emerging horizontal (sibling) perspective, the reasons why it has gained traction and practical ways to apply this perspective in work with clients and supervisees.

Servaas has made a free copy of his 2015 journal article on which this workshop was based available to AAOS Members. Click here to read The Murderous Sibling

Note: For those who missed this workshop, in 2017 it will be offered through ACIS (Australian Centre for Integrative Studies) and AAOS Members are offered a 20% discount on the cost.




Creative Supervision

Summary notes from an AAOS CPD Event in 2015 presented by Jacki Short, owner and Principal Psychologist at the Sydney Centre for Creative Change 


  • Movement and Drawing – what and how
  • Creative Writing Exercises
  • References and Recommended Reading

See more here: AAOS Creative Supervision Day 29th April 2015 Notes.pdf 



An Existential Perspective on Supervision

Summary notes/slides taken from an AAOS CPD Event in 2014 presented by Dr Alison Strasser, Existential Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Educator, Trainer and Founding Director of Centre for Existential Practice


  • Overview
  • The Wheel of Supervision
  • Definitions by Ernesto Spinelli and Emmy van Deuzen
  • Practice of Existential Supervision
    • Assumptions and Biases
    • Phenomenological Processes
    • Staying with Description
    • 4 Realms of Encounter
    • Questions and Meanings
    • Inter-relational Layers
    • Working with Themes

see more here: Alison_Strasser_AAOS_Nov_2014.pdf



Supervision Questions Checklist

Checklist as given by Kathy Laverty, Certified Transactional Analyst, Psychotherapist (CTA) Supervisor (TSTA), C.M. ATAA / ITAA


  • Contact
  • Topic
  • Contract
  • Key Issues
  • Reduction of harm
  • Developmental Direction
  • Supervisor Model Process
  • Equal Relationship
  • Ethical Issues

See more here:Kathy_Laverty_Supervision_Questions_Checklist.pdf



Models of Supervision and Coaching

Slides presented by  Kathy Laverty, Certified Transactional Analyst, Psychotherapist (CTA) Supervisor (TSTA), C.M. ATAA / ITAA


  • 5 Bands of Supervision (Clarkson, 1988)
  • Supervision Checklist (Clarkson, 1988)
  • Emphasis on different elements of supervision at different stages of supervisee development

See more here:Kathy_Laverty_Models_of_Supervision.pdf



Transformative Supervision

Slides from a presentation given by Eveline Crotty & Peter Maher at APSE-UK Conference June 2014.


  • Transformative Learning
    • definition
    • what it constitutes
    • aspects
    • process
    • making meaning
    • insights
    • supervisor as role model
    • transformative approach to supervision

see more here: Peter_Maher_Transforming_Supervision.pdf


Supervision as Re-authoring Conversation

Chapter from the book Narratives of Therapists’ Lives by Michael White (Dulwich Centre Publications, 1997)


  • The power relation of supervision
  • A re-authoring conversation
  • Supervision illustrated
    • Maria
    • Transcript
    • Postscript (authored by Maria)

See book chapter here: Supervision as reauthoring conversation by Michael White.pdf