The AAOS membership category of ‘Recognised Supervisor Training Program’ is a membership category specific for Training Institutes that deliver Supervisor training in line with AAOS standards.

In addition, these Training Institutes provide professional development courses and programs to support Supervisors.

AAOS encourages its membership to support these organisations.

Centre for Existential Practice – Supervision Training and Professional Development workshops

CEP’s supervision program is derived from research that shows the significance of the supervision conversation and the importance of the relationships between supervisor, supervisee, client and the organisation. Supervision is about broadening the lens, opening up the frames of reference and exploring the existential themes that arise.

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Transforming Practices – Registered association of autonomous practitioners who foster personal and social transformation as professional and pastoral Supervisors and Consultants. Practitioners in Transforming Practices Inc. are recognised Supervisors with the Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) and APSE (UK) Association of Supervisors and Educators.

Transforming Practices Inc. provides training for Professional and Pastoral Supervisors across the professions. Full details of the training program can be found on the Transforming Practices website. It outlines the program, the pre-requisite requirements, details of the program itself and all costs.



St Marks Registered Training Organisation

St Marks RTO provides nationally recognised training in Professional Supervision accredited with the Australian Qualifications Framework. The Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical)(Pastoral) is delivered in a flexible delivery mode in Sydney, Parramatta  and Canberra to small groups led by experienced supervisor trainers. This post-graduate level course gives counsellors, therapists, others in the helping professions, pastoral and ministry workers the opportunity to study the theory and practice of professional supervision in settings relevant to their role and occupation, drawing on current supervision theory and practice.

Additionally, St Mark’s trainers provide ongoing Professional Development training in Supervision for Counselling professional associations, Counselling agencies and church bodies, both within Australia and overseas.

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