AAOS Members – Ensure you receive important communications from AAOS

We have gradually been automating our system to make things easier for our Members.
We now send out automated notifications about membership renewals, how to update your information with us, free CPD Events that we offer and other important information. These communications are sent though a mailing house so that you can simply click on links provided in the emails and directly register, renew or update your information.  
You may miss these communications if:
  • AAOS is not listed by you as a ‘safe sender’
  • you have provided us with an agency email address as your contact
  • emails through your personal website bounce through to an online account
  • you click on the ‘unsubscribe’ option in one of our emails
  • you use Gmail as your email provider

Safe Sender

Firstly please add AAOS to your safe sender list: @supervision.org.au. (This may also be known as a ‘whitelist’, depending on the email client you use). This helps your system recognise emails from us and not filter them as spam. There is plenty of advice online on how to do this for different email clients.

Agency E-mail Addresses

If you have provided us with an agency email address as your primary contact, your agency’s firewall may block any emails that come via a mailing house.  To ensure you receive notifications from us, we suggest you provide us with a personal email address. 

Bounce-thru’s from your Website Address

If emails sent to your website address bounce thru to an online email account, you will need to clear this inbox regularly as an online account does not have much storage space allocated to it. Emails from us may bounce back if your inbox is full. If an email bounces back to us, the system will mark your account as ‘inactive’ and will exclude it from future email sends. To ensure this doesn’t happen, we advise that you provide us with a personal email address. If you would like the website email to appear in our online directory listing, you can provide this in your short bio.


If you click on ‘unsubscribe’ when you open one of our emails, that means you will receive no emails at all from AAOS. In line with anti-spam legislation, the mailing system will mark your account as ‘unsubscribed’ so your account will be excluded from all email sends from us.
If you are an AAOS Member, please take care that you don’t inadvertently unsubscribe from our list or you will miss important information that we send out, including renewal information and the online links that will enable you to renew your membership.


If you use Gmail, some or all notifications from us will probably be auto-sorted by Gmail to your Promotions inbox as they are sent via a mailing house. To manage this, you can do any of the following: 
  • Look through your Promotions inbox regularly for notifications from us
  • Hold and drag emails from us to your “Primary” tab. The following message should appear: The conversation has been moved to “Primary.” Do this for future messages from treasurer@supervision.org.au>?   Clicking “Yes” should help ensure that future messages from us land in the “Primary” inbox where you’ll be more likely to notice them
  • Turn off the auto-sorting of emails into 3 separate inbox tabs (Primary, Promotions, Social) and just have 1 inbox for all mail by doing the following:
Log into your Gmail account
Click the “Settings” gear icon at the top right of the inbox
Select “Settings” from the drop-down list
Go to “Inbox” tab
Uncheck all inboxes except Primary
Scroll down and click “Save Changes.”