Dr Alison Strasser

AAOS President






Alison completed her doctorate on the topic of supervision which entailed developing a training program for supervisors that was congruent with Australia’s unique culture.  She originally trained as an existential psychotherapist and has expanded her field of interest to working as a supervisor to psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches and managers. She is also Founder and Director of Centre for Existential Practice, a professional development and training organisation which includes training programs and workshops for supervisors. 



Alex Fok



Alex Fok

AAOS Treasurer & Vice President 







Alex has been involved with AAOS and Supervision from an analytical perspective since 2002 and has been Treasurer since 2006. After resigning from corporate life, Alex now runs a couple of small enterprises based in Tasmania, producing award winning olive oil and upmarket accommodation on both the olive grove farm and in Central Hobart.



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Maxine Rosenfield

AAOS Board Member and CPD NSW






Maxine has extensive experience as a supervisor, coach, trainer, counsellor and consultant in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand gained by working across a variety of organisations. These include large corporations, hospitals, not -for- profit  organisations and small volunteer based services.  She has written extensively about telephone support and information and also about telephone counselling and co-developed the first quality standards for the Helplines Sector in UK in 1991 (Guide to Good Practice) and Australia in 2003 (Guide to Best Practice). Maxine works with individuals and groups face to face, by telephone and by Skype. She has written and contributed to a number of texts about cancer support,  telephone support and counselling including ‘Telephone Counselling – a Handbook for Practitioners’ (Palgrave Macmillan February 2013).

Susan Marcuccio


Susan Marcuccio

AAOS Chair Training Standards







Susan is the National Training Director for Chaplaincy Australia and the Director of VET Programs (Chaplaincy) at Alphacrucis College.  She is an accredited chaplain and supervisor with extensive experience training chaplains across Australia and New Zealand. 





Jenni Wegener – Victoria

AAOS Board Member and CPD Victoria





Jenni has over 20 years experience as a Pastoral Counsellor, Chaplain, Educator, Supervisor and Manager in Health Care. She has also worked as a Counsellor and Educator in schools, parish and community settings and consults widely with Pastoral care providers in Australia and New Zealand in the provision of Education for Supervision.  She is currently developing her private practice in Psychotherapy for individuals and couples; Professional Supervision and Education.




Simone Falvey-Behr – Victoria

AAOS Board Member – CTS & CPD Victoria








Simone is a CAPAV accredited Supervisor. She is a psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne, with a particular interest in working with migrants. Building on her Masters in Psychotherapy and her training as an anthropologist in France, Simone brings has an advanced awareness and understanding of the mechanisms at work when cultural differences enter the therapeutic space. For more than 30 years, Simone has worked for the Council of Europe and the United Nations in English, French and German. Her career has included working as a human rights specialist and advising international organizations on minorities, gender, conflict prevention and intercultural issues in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Australia. Simone serves at the CAPAV Committee of Management (President since 2012), at the ACFA Ethics Committee and on the AAOS Board.

Jean Tulloch



Jean Tulloch – Queensland

AAOS Board Member and National CPD Coordinator








Jean is an accredited supervisor with PACFA, AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision) and QCA (the latter since 1996), and a QCA Fellow. Practising on the Sunshine Coast, she offers professional supervision to staff employed in government organisations, NGO’s, and private practitioners from a range of helping professions. Supervisees are offered a range of ways to express themselves, from talking to the use of symbols and artwork, in both individual and group supervision formats. Jean’s passion lies in facilitating reflective experience. Professionally this has led to a combination of client work, personal development workshops, and therapist education. With qualifications in education and counselling, she has taught in a range of counselling and counselling-related courses since 2002 at Queensland University of Technology, University of Sunshine Coast and the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Voluntary work includes serving on the QCA management committee (2008-2013, including 2 terms as president), PACFA Ethics committee member (2011-2014) and AAOS Board.




Fiona Griffith – South Australia

AAOS Board Member – Secretary





Fiona is a Clinical Counsellor and PACFA accredited Supervisor. Fiona’s work as a supervisor is embedded in collegiality for both the beginning counsellor and the experienced. Fiona has extensive experience supervising counselling students from certificate, diploma through to post graduate level and practicing counsellors in private practice, school and agency settings. She has also taught in counselling skills in both Singapore and Hong Kong. Fiona believes supervision is a mutual working alliance where the supervisee can review, reflect on, learn, develop her/his work and manage their self care in a respectful safe space. Fiona Consults in the Adelaide Hills and is available on Skype. As an educator Fiona also enjoys developing and delivering professional development.



Jo Gore – NSW

AAOS Board Member & CPD NSW







Jo has worked as a psychotherapist and counsellor for over 20 years and is a past President of the Association of Personal Counsellors. Jo has a degree in psychology and further trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Existential Therapy and in Supervision. She has a thriving private practice across 2 locations in Sydney, in which she offers psychotherapy and individual and group supervision.


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